Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Brown Snake

My favorite snake was sunning itself in our driveway around midday. The small, docile northern brown snake (Storeria dekayi dekayi) is a common snake here. Unfortunately it is one that we often see flattened on the road when we walk with Kodi down Bald Hill Road. Today though, this one-foot long, slender brown snake was alive and well and living in our yard.

A basking snake is one indication that this is a warm November day; snakes should be hibernating by now or heading there soon. I nudged the snake toward the edge of the driveway so it was safely out of the way of vehicles. He (or she) was a little stubborn, perhaps wanting to stay on the warm pavement.

Note to self: another reason why we live here. Beautiful snakes live among us.


  1. Ellen, I love your reports! They are such a celebration of the beauty of all the plant and animal life we have in New England, including the handsome brown snake that you featured in this blog.
    Your fine photos have made it a ssss-elbrity ssss-nake! :-)



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