Friday, July 22, 2011

Coping with Heat

Kodi figured it out this morning. While I was watering the vegetable garden he dug a cool spot at the edge of the perennial bed.

As I was watering the tomatoes, I noticed the first two tomato hornworms of the season. I always dread finding these, because it's a little icky to squish them, so green and juicy they are.

On a sweet note, this is the best year for our six blueberry bushes. We manage to harvest a small crop each day - enough for granola and ice cream -- before the birds and chipmunks find them. Kodi is indifferent to fruits and vegetables, so we don't worry about him nibbling at the bushes. Our previous dogs loved fruits; they would pick blueberries and raspberries straight from the bushes. We've also picked gobs of blueberries from Inkwell Farm, a nearby organic farm that is loaded with berries.


  1. So much conveyed about summertime in just 3 photos!

    Great stuff, Ellen, as always!


  2. I used to have a mystery critter eating my raspberries. Then I caught it chocolate lab. He loves fruits! Apples, too.

  3. John -- And boy was it a summer day today!

    Casey -- yes, labs love fruits, well anything actually


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