Thursday, February 11, 2010

Slower Days

Aria and I both noticed the sun streaming in through the windows in the late afternoon yesterday. She was lying nearby as I worked on the computer. Aria is still getting used to the change in our home pack, as are we. She is venturing back into rooms and places that Bella was controlling. I still catch her glancing around to see if Bella might come bouncing back in. Although Bella dominated Aria, Bella would instigate play and Aria often joined in as best she could, given her arthritic body. Aria is now more subdued.

It will take time for all of us to adjust to the absence of Bella. Aria sometimes kicked up her heels on our walks, as Bella bounded about. In the last few weeks, without Bella, she has slowed, showing her age of 12+ years. In some ways Bella served as Aria's eyes and ears, since Aria has lost much of those senses.

Aria is still playful. She has always been a night owl. She lazes a bit in the morning, but after dinner and later she wants to play. Her favorite game is searching for her hidden squeaky toy, until she settles down with a moan. The old body aging faster than her mind.

Yesterday we took a walk in the warm, afternoon sun on one of our local trails. Aria sniffs as she walks slowly. She looks and listens as I do, expecting to see a pesky spaniel running across the field.

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