Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Potatoes, Beans, and Lots of Zukes & Cukes

In full swing here with summer vegetable harvest. The Red Norland potato plants are looking drab so I dug a few hills and uncovered the following for dinner....
I collected and will eat even those peanut-sized taters, but most were the size of lemons. Not bad. And we escaped the season without potato beetles. Yahoo, although the cucumber beetle adults and larvae were bad enough.

I also picked a handful of green beans today. Not enough for a meal so those went into the fridge. The few sugar snap pea plants that survived the early deer browse are producing a few (very few), but very sweet pea pods. Added to a green salad they are delicious, along with ones and twos of sun gold and cherry tomatoes.
The real producers right now (in addition to the steady supply of kale and Swiss chard) are the zucchinis and cucumbers.
Last week I passed off a few baseball bat-sized zucchinis to friends. They took them only because their plants were not producing yet. Plus, there is always room for another loaf of zucchini bread (have you tried adding mini chocolate bits?!).  Last night I set out a few zukes and cukes by the road with a "free" sign and was glad to see them gone by morning.

Next up--in a few days--eggplant.

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