Monday, July 28, 2014

An Oasis

Now and then we think about moving from the country into town. Our nearest store is about 5 miles, and anything else we might need or want is that far or farther. So we have to drive to get to things. Sometimes we dream about living in a place where we can walk to a store or library or restaurant. We could then use our car less, a good deed for the health of the planet.

Then we think about the good parts of living out of town, which, so far, have convinced us to stay put: the quiet road, nearby open spaces, dark night skies, and our yard, including all the plants and animals that we share it with.

Just last week, as I collected Japanese beetles into a soapy container and picked wild growing raspberries in our backyard, I spotted two spring peepers. They each sat quietly on a raspberry leaf, likely newborns from the nearby wetland, as they were smaller than a raspberry.
These guys are adorable and I take great pleasure in knowing they live in our yard. Our animal community is diverse and beautiful, including this lovely female goldenrod (crab) spider on a purple coneflower.
A family of hummingbirds visits our flower beds all summer, along with butterflies, bees and so many other insects. Deer, skunks, foxes, turkeys, and other small and mid-sized animals wander through. 

Our yard is an oasis. While neighbors spray and blow away every leaf from their yard, we tend to encourage the opposite. Each day we are rewarded with interesting sights and sounds--each a reason to stay in the country. 

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