Monday, July 21, 2014

Oriental Beetle

There is a relatively new beetle in the yard. I've noticed it for the last couple of years. It looks a lot like the Japanese beetle except for its colors. And it is not nearly as abundant nor as voracious as Japanese beetles, thankfully, at least not yet.
I contacted my favorite entomologist at the University of New Hampshire--Alan Eaton--and he confirmed that this newcomer is the Oriental beetle (Anomala orientalis). Not a very original name, but it does clue you in to where it came from: Asia.

This beetle comes in a variety of browns and blacks--I've seen all of the following (and the one above) shades of Oriental beetle in our yard.
I mentioned to Alan that I walk about my yard every morning and/or evening flicking Japanese beetles into a yogurt container of soapy water (note: pheromone traps do not work). He suggested that I do the same for the Oriental beetles. Although the latter are not nearly as common, their populations may grow and become more of a nuisance over time. So, in the soapy bath they go.

Just for comparison, here are the more devilish Japanese beetles. Note that both beetles (same family--Scarabs--but different genera) have funky clubbed antennae that can spread into what looks like a bird's foot.

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