Friday, July 4, 2014

Fresh Garlic and More

Storms passing through the region last night provided some natural fireworks: thunder, lightning, wind, rain, and even a tornado warning. Gentle rains started up again in the afternoon today here in western Massachusetts. But not before we worked in the gardens; the moist soil ideal for weeding and it was past time to snap off the garlic scapes from our crop of 500 cloves that we planted last October.
Removing these flower stalks shifts more energy to the bulbs, giving a boost to their size over the next few weeks until we harvest in late July. We're using the last of last year's crop and it's a bit dried up, so I pulled 10 bulbs of fresh garlic today to check size and to take back home for cooking.
The black and red raspberries in the backyard are ready for picking too. Tomorrow, when the sun is out, should be a good day for picking. Today we got enough for a little red, white, and bluish dessert.

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