Tuesday, July 1, 2014

First Zucchini

Yesterday I harvested the first zucchini from our squash plants. The kale, Swiss chard, and squash all look healthy and pest-free so far--better than I've had in past years by July 1st.
The tomatoes too are looking good, if a bit anemic. No sign of early blight or other ailments yet. The next couple garden rows, in contrast, have had some issues this year. The potatoes are always troublesome, especially trying to keep cucumber beetles at bay. Fortunately, the larger and more voracious potato beetles have not arrived yet (always lots of "yet" in gardening). 
As noted, the potatoes look good--see the above photo. In that same photo you may not notice a few hoof prints. A deer visited two nights ago, nipping the tip of a tomato plant and mowing the tops of the bean plants. I'm thankful that we escaped with minor damage, but she will return. And I am headed to the hardware store for another roll of laundry line to string 6 feet high around the garden. Even that is not enough, only an electric fence will be full-proof, but I am not yet ready for that step.

The annuals and herbs are showing some growth during this heat wave, although requiring daily watering. Hoping for a good rain by the 4th, before all the picnicking begins.
Last night I made bruschetta with fresh basil (that you see in photo, above left), but the tomatoes were store-bought, so flavor was a little mealy. Boy, I can't wait for a fresh tomato from the garden. I wish they ripened now, along with the aromatic basil. 

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