Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Baldface Knob Trail

The Baldface Knob Trail is a short (0.7 miles), sweet stretch of trail that runs along a ridge between the Baldface Circle and Slippery Brook Trails in the Baldface-Royce Range of the White Mountains. Baldface Knob is only about 2,900 feet, but offers great views west to little known Sable and Chandler Mountains. The views and the trail, lined with alpine flowers, heath shrubs and exposed rock, prompt hikers to go slowly and quietly. We did.

Sights along the Baldface Knob Trail

We ended up on the Baldface Knob Trail after opting for a shorter route than the full Baldface Circle Loop Trail on a hike last Friday. This was on account of Henna pulling or straining a muscle or something on the way up Baldface Circle. Not sure what she did, but by the time we climbed the big slabs and blocky ledges above the Baldface shelter she was pretty lame, holding up her left front leg.

On future hikes in this region, when conditions are wet, icy, or if a hiking companion has some slight injury we would opt for the longer, more gradual Slippery Brook Trail and Baldface Knob Trail to reach South Baldface. It is about a mile longer and not as scenic, but much easier if conditions are not ideal.

Slippery Brook Trail

If conditions are good, however, the Baldface Circle Trail
above the shelter is quite scenic and worth the effort.

There was plenty of water in all the brooks along the way. Up high though it got a little hot and dry so we needed a couple quarts of water for Kodi and Henna (in addition to our hydration packs).
On nearly every hike in New Hampshire, from the seacoast to the mountains, we seem to always cross paths with one or more toads. Here is our Baldface Circle Trail toad...
We saw few hikers on this day, partly (mainly) because it was a weekday and also this region sees fewer hikers than the more popular notches. I guess we will keep it our little secret. (And Henna seems to have fully recovered and is ready for the next hike).

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