Saturday, January 4, 2014

Winter's Shore

We visited Seapoint and Crescent Beaches--and the point of land that separates the two--in Kittery, Maine a few hours past high tide this afternoon. The air temperature was 25 F; it felt balmy compared to the overnight sub-zero temps, although we still wore long underwear. We had this stretch of coastline mostly to ourselves. (We marvel that so few people visit beaches in winter--though that is why we like it so.).
A flock of wintering purple sandpipers (they nest in the high-arctic and winter on Maine rocky coasts) roosted on ice-covered rocks as waves crashed around them, sanderlings and ruddy turnstones probed the equally chilly tideline. Such hardy shorebirds to endure a northern winter's shore.

You have to look close to see the shorebirds in the following photos:
purple sandpipers, sanderlings, ruddy turnstone

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