Saturday, January 4, 2014

Minus Eight Degrees

6 AM: At minus eight degrees Fahrenheit the cold snow crunches and squeaks underfoot. We stop only long enough for Kodi to lick road salt off his foot pads. We can't hear each other as we walk, the crunching snow is loud and we are wearing tight-fitting balaclavas that cover our head, ears, and neck. The winds are calm, which saves our exposed faces from getting wind-chilled. By the time we're back home from the 2-mile walk we've warmed up, even sweating. Without Kodi and Henna we never would have ventured out in sub-zero darkness, and end up feeling refreshed from the bracing walk.

Our dearest dogs egged us on during these past few days of cold and snow--first, second, third, sometimes a fourth walk. As long as we dressed properly, we didn't really notice the cold. The snow is beautiful: covering the forest floor, in large drifts along field edges, coating the northerly side of tree trunks like white paint stripes on roads, in winter shadows and in the crotch of a tree.

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  1. I've been really enjoying all of my northern blog reads that have been posting snow photos. It is truly amazing and wonderful to see---though I know I'd be tired of it fast. Great shots!