Saturday, November 16, 2013

Our Wild Perennial Garden

Patty Laughlin of Lorax Landscaping suggests NO fall clean-up in perennial beds. Patty says that, "The leaves and debris provide a haven for good insects through the winter. Uncut perennials allow better root and crown protection (they catch leaves and snow for their insulation), provide food and perches for birds and add winter landscape interest for you."

I took Patty's advice and I am now enjoying the garden even more this fall. The big bluestem is six feet tall. Loose clumps of silky milkweed seeds hang on to their stalk, at least until the next big wind comes along.
I enjoy the form and structure and colors of our perennial garden that endures and continues through all seasons. As our own yard takes on more natural patterns and rhythms, perhaps others will take note and lessen their seemingly manic drive to "clean-up" their yards.

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