Friday, November 15, 2013

A Dog's Life

A news item on NPR this morning highlights some new findings about where wolves first befriended humans. Scientists are still uncertain as to why or how wolves became domesticated by hunter-gatherers thousands of years ago. Maybe it was shared interests or some similarity in social structure or hunting techniques.

I wonder if it was the warmth of the campfire that drew in some wolves. Our sweet Henna is fond of the woodstove, lying within a foot of the door, her body so hot that she starts to pant.
Getting several square meals a day versus hunting down your prey seems like a good deal too. I can see why wolves would figure that out and decide to live with humans. As time went on life got even better--cozy beds, toys, play dates. Dogs, at least in many western homes, have a great life. I think Henna and Kodi would agree and thank their ancestors for making the move to domestic life.

Henna with a buddy at daycare
Kodi with his favorite pillows
Watching chipmunks in the yard
Ready for a road trip--what a life

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