Sunday, October 13, 2013

Splitting Firewood with a Timberwolf

A month ago we carted home a pile of hardwood logs from a friend's property. Srini cut them to length with a chainsaw, but they still needed to be split to better dry the wood. A search on Craigslist yielded a log splitter for rent from Gabe at Sidewinder Rentals in Concord. Gabe arrived Saturday morning at 7:45 am with the Timberwolf TW-5 Log Splitter with a Honda engine, two-way wedge, and hydraulic log lift. Since we had never used one before, this seemed like the perfect tool for the job.

The Timberwolf that we spent the weekend with (note the pile of logs behind)...
Here's the splitter in action...
And here is the result, after a total of 8 hours over two days, of splitting, carting, stacking wood...two stacks and a big pile, plus some more that was stacked in other yard locales.
While we worked, Henna chewed on bits of the freshly cut wood, while Kodi settled into a leaf pile.
Srini split the last log on the Timberwolf at 4:30 Sunday. By then we were both tired but pleased with the results. What better way to celebrate than a fire in the woodstove (with previously dried wood) and a cold drink. Now, if the Red Sox win tonight, that would cap off a fine New England fall weekend.

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