Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A Light Frost

Yesterday morning the thermometer dipped below 30 degrees, resulting in the first light frost of the season. It was dark at 6:00 am as we headed out on our daily walk with Kodi and Henna. We wore headlamps, the dogs wore their orange jackets and were on leash in case a deer or skunk or possum wandered across our path in the early darkness.

A great horned owl hooted from Bald Hill; sometimes we hear it call from the thick pines along the wetland. The little bluestem along the roadside glistened with tiny ice crystals. A small flock of ducks, their wings whistling in flight, flew over just as the sky began to lighten. Maybe they were rousted from their night roost by a duck hunter.

A bright October sun warmed the air quickly and by late afternoon it felt like a summer day. A few late blooming snapdragons in our garden were unharmed by the overnight cold. And I am still harvesting handfuls of sweet peppers daily.

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