Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Perfect (Election) Day

We wake early these days, our internal clocks not yet adjusted to the fall back of time. Today seemed like a good day to rise early. It's election day and the weather forecast was perfect for our neck of the woods. Before dawn we walked with Kodi, the stars bright overhead, the air crisp, the temperature 24F. It felt good to be alive on such a morning.

I voted at 9:00 am, along with many of my fellow citizens, then Kodi and I headed to our favorite haunt--the Sweet Trail. We almost always have the trail to ourselves during the week, no other humans that is. Today a raven flew over the trees, beautiful in its black feathering, flying swiftly on strong, graceful wings, announcing its presence with a hoarse croaking. The sky overhead was clear and blue. The colder pockets of the wetlands still carried a sheen of ice from the overnight freeze. Mostly the wetlands remained open, the water was calm and reflective. I could see fresh twigs had been gathered at one end of the beaver lodge.
Blue sky remained throughout the day. With little wind and the crisp, clear air, it was worthy of another walk in the afternoon. Kodi and I set off down the road, walking to a nearby conservation area. There the milkweed pods lay open to the wind, the last of the feathery seeds ready to disperse with the next gust of wind.
I await the election results with much anticipation and nervousness, but I know that tomorrow Kodi and I can visit the same open spaces to walk the paths, breathe the air, and listen to the birds, regardless of who wins.

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  1. I'm sure that you'll have a pleasant walk today! We also went out walking and birding yesterday after voting in the morning. Like you we were both quite rightfully nervous. I'm so happy to see that things worked out as they did, though I think nature itself would pay no mind.