Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Classic Raw November Day

It snowed about three inches overnight. Then we got sleet and rain and blowing wind. The sky is a dull gray. We are so fortunate that election day was bright and beautiful, as today's weather would surely have deterred some voters from going to the polls.

Kodi on the other hand loves these raw days. He likes snow and wind. He sticks his nose deep into animal tracks, ones that I can see too given the snow cover. His tail and fur get tossed around by the wind.
Although I'd rather stay inside with a hot cup of tea, Kodi insists that we venture out. Only after I'm bundled up and warmed by a brisk walk, do I begin to enjoy this raw November day too. Still, I'm happy to now be back inside with my hot tea as I watch the driving rain from my office window, with Kodi curled up on a chair behind me.

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