Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Small Gem of Land

During a visit to see my parents in late May, they took my sister and I to see a 6-acre old farm near the center of their town -- Amherst, Massachusetts. The town recently acquired this historic farm site and now the townsfolk have varying opinions about how the land should be used. One voice wants soccer fields. Others want to restore the house and barn and keep the rolling fields for nature, trails, and perhaps community gardens. My family is in the latter camp.

I grew up in Amherst and attended school not far from this property, so I have some attachment to the area. After our walk in May, I wrote my father a letter about the historic farm site. The letter to him turned into a guest commentary for their local paper, the Amherst Bulletin, submitted by my Dad and I. The commentary was published today - you can link to to it here.

I've also reprinted our commentary below. The title was chosen by the Bulletin''s editor.

Cultivate Hawthorne Farm's gifts

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