Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Signs of Summer

It's beginning to feel, look, and taste more like summer. Signs of the season abound. Deer flies for one. These pesky insects emerge right around the Solstice. They hurt more than mosquitoes, flying around your head before quietly alighting on your neck or arm and then a quick zing with their razor-sharp mouth parts.

A much brighter sign: the yellows of summer are blooming, including buttercup, hawkweed, cinquefoils, and hop clover.

A buttercup



Hop Clover

Summer is also a tasty time. Wild and farm-grown strawberries are ripening, getting sweeter with each warm, sunny summer day.

A small, but sweet, wild strawberry

A quart of strawbs from a local farm

I picked the first handful of sugar snap peas from our pea trellis today, the first day of summer.

Happy Solstice!


  1. Love your little blog. Found you via the Following Atticus blog which was via Live Free or Hike NH blog. I'm always interested in other regions and their outdoor blogs!

  2. Thanks Misti. Glad to have you visit Spicebush Log. I also love to follow Tom and Atticus -- a great pair.