Monday, April 11, 2011

More Spring Sightings

I arrived back home mid-day Saturday, after a few days away. I always walk around the yard after being away to see what's been happening. The crocuses were in full glory.

On a Saturday afternoon walk on one of our favorite town trails, we spotted the first garter snake of the year sunning itself alongside the trail. The snake was a little perturbed that we'd disturbed its sunbathing.

And the wood frogs were quacking from a vernal pool. A sound that I've been waiting to hear for weeks now. On the way back to the car, a mourning cloak (butterfly) flitted by in the understory.

On Sunday we almost started to complain that it was too hot, too soon. Bu then the temperature moderated and it rained during the night. This is good for the cilantro, arugula, and spinach that I planted. I now excitedly await their germination.


  1. Right on with the snake sighting! I haven't found one yet on my wanderings this spring, and we just received a little bit of snow last night (NE Iowa). Hopefully soon.

    Found you through the Sand Creek Almanac blog, and your site looks like the perfect kind of reading for me.

    Take care -


  2. Thanks Casey for stopping by the Spicebush Log. Although I love snow, I am glad we are into the rainy season here!