Saturday, April 9, 2011

Bud Break

Buds are bursting open during these (finally) warm, sunny days of Spring. The 45 turtles that I saw sunning themselves a few days ago is telling too. Soon, we'll be complaining that it is too hot, but not yet. I'm heading back home today and already thinking about planting the sugar snap peas. During the turtle walk the other day, I noticed the alder and willow buds were looking particularly lush in the spring sunshine. Yesterday I hear or saw several new spring bird arrivals on the rail trail walk: a male belted kingfisher chattered at us with his crest raised, a kestrel perched silently atop a slender snag, several yellow-shafted flickers called, and a meadowlark sang from a nearby field.

Alder catkins (male flowers)

Pussy willow flowers starting to open

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