Friday, May 14, 2010

The Mohave Cross

You may have read about the seven-foot tall cross that stood on Sunrise Rock in the Mohave National Preserve. The Supreme Court ruled recently that the cross can stay at this site on public land. The New York Times wrote about the controversy here. After the high court's decision, the cross was stolen.

I first learned about the cross controversy by reading the blog Coyote Crossing (aka Chris Clarke). Chris writes passionately and deeply about the Mohave Desert. He was indifferent about the presence of the cross on the rock in a public space. It seemed a small thing compared to the greater threats to the desert, such as large industrial solar arrays.When the cross was stolen he thought it not helpful to the cause of desert conservation. Then he became incensed at the massive attention and backlash against the theft. He wondered if those who care about the cross also care about the desert.

In his latest post here, Chris ponders more deeply the motives of the cross thief. He includes a letter apparently written by the one who took the cross and sent anonymously to the Barstow Desert Dispatch. Although the letter has not been independently verified, it is an eloquent statement and adds much to the discussion.

I've included the letter below (click on text to enlarge), clipped from Coyote Crossing. Check out Chris's blog, the New York Times article, and the Desert Dispatch for more context.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. I agree with Chris, this is an issue that just takes away from the wider issue of appreciating the desert for what it is. When we are so divided that we get all angry over little stuff like this, the nation suffers.