Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Maple gave birth to three sons on Sunday. She is one of two goats at New Roots Farm and is doing well. The triplets are also healthy and each is a slightly different color.

Maple the mother goat,
smiling and waiting for her snack of freshly cut apple branches.

Three new kid brothers at New Roots Farm

The Farm is buzzing with activity. The new greenhouse is overflowing with seedlings, some ready to go in the ground after the last frost (not this week!) and some ready for sale. The flock of sheep is moved every day or so to fresh pasture. Farmer Jeff is as happy about the sheep and rotational grazing as Farmer Renee is with her new kid goats.

Yesterday I helped farmers Jeff and Renee, farm assistant Joanne, and farm apprentice Ben plant 13,000 plus onions. I was there only a few hours, while they were all there until mid-afternoon. With the last onion in the ground we stood, stretched out the kinks in our legs and back, massaged our planting fingers, and gave high fives all around. A good day on the farm when food goes in the ground.

Now, if only Jack Frost would retreat somewhere farther north.

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