Monday, April 5, 2010

Zane Stays!

On Saturday we adopted Zane, who we've renamed Kodi. He did not know the name Zane, so we thought Kodi -- short for Kodiak bear because he looks like a bear cub -- sounded better. He is already recognizing his new name. We love him and Aria knows he is harmless, except when he tries to chew her. He does have a wild side that will need to be tamed.

Sometimes, usually in the morning and during the night, he is quiet as a mouse. He does not mind riding in a crate in the car. There too he is soundless. At other times -- near water, in the evening, or when the mood moves him -- his inner wildness emerges. He especially likes to sprint through puddles, splashing here and there, and racing at Aria. She does not appreciate the latter.

Kodi is only one year old, still a puppy. His teeth are sharp and during play he likes to bite. These are playful bites, but none of us want to be his play things.

One issue that has required immediate attention is his marking inside the house. I thought only cats did that. But Kodi was neutered only three weeks ago and he may have never lived inside a home until now. So he is learning new rules. We start basic obedience class next week. I expect the next two weeks to involve close supervision inside the house, but Kodi will learn and settle in to a good life here.

Yesterday he met the extended family at an Easter gathering. All went well with the humans. Another dog did not welcome him, but Kodi remained calm. He never shows any aggression toward other dogs. He rarely barks.

Kodi is a bit of mischief. In the days and weeks ahead we'll channel that energy, taking walks, long hikes, and finding some good watering holes.

Kodi, age one

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  1. hi Ellen,
    How old is Kodi now? He pictures looks really cool. We just got a puppy a week ago and there are lot of similarities b/w our little puppy and kodi.

    Our puppy is lab-basenji mix (he is a rescue) more lab than basenji (does not make a lot of sound only when he does not see me).

    Hope all is well and tell srini hi from us.