Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Opening Day

Yesterday was opening day for the daffodils in our yard, their bright yellow flowers overlooking the mud-filled road ditch. A reminder of days and days of rain. The post-rain recent stretch of 70 degree and warmer weather hurried along the flush of spring blossoms.

The sun-warmed asphalt roads also brought out the snakes. My first of the year snake sighting, unfortunately, was a road-killed brown snake. Male turkeys are gobbling from the Mitchell field, gathering in their harem of hens. Pine warblers are singing from high up in the tops of the white pines. A hairy woodpecker taps vigorously along the shed eaves, poking in holes for carpenter bees.

Today was my first day back to New Roots Farm helping in the greenhouse. Flats of seedling tomatoes, onions, Swiss chard, herbs, and more adorned the tables. I thinned onions and tomatoes, re-potting the tender shoots into bigger trays. I thinned the Swiss chard by eating any extra seedlings, leaving one seedling per cell. A good start to the planting season with some microgreens to nourish me.

Kodi met Maggie, the black lab farm dog. She greeted my car like an old friend, although unbeknown to her a new friend was arriving. Maggie greeted Kodi slowly and with a few pokes, but thereafter they became great play mates. They chased each other in circles through the hay fields, interrupted only by trips to the pond to cool off. I envision many more visits to the farm than planned, just so Kodi and Maggie can play. Kodi went nose to nose with the small pigs, while the 300-pounders were a bit intimidating. He stared, but shuffled past the big ones.

Renee sent me home with fresh spinach from their hoop houses. Into the split pea dal went the spinach for tonight's dinner. Hours later I can still feel and smell the greenhouse, with a bit of potting soil under my nails and a hint of onion lingering in my finger tips. Spring potting season is oh so sweet.

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