Monday, March 15, 2010

Six Inches

Winds continued to buffet the house during the night. Rain fell steadily. Since Saturday more than six inches of rain has fallen during this Nor'easter. The rain, wind, and flooding are nearly as bad as the storm of two weeks ago, with even more rain this time. Yet few people lost power in this storm. Maybe all the trees that were going to fall fell. Although winds gusted to over 40 mph during the night, we did not get gusts up to 60 and 90 mph. That made the difference in the two storms.

Our house perimeter drains are working overtime.

Some water seeped into the basement overnight, after 5 inches of rain fell in 24 hours. Though not enough to cause any problems; nothing that our Fein wet/dry vac can't handle easily. But, it is still raining....The wetland behind our house, which we can usually just see through the trees, has crept closer to our backyard. The sun is expected to emerge tomorrow and clear skies are coming for the rest of the week. This will let us dry out. Until then, though, rain continues through today.

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