Sunday, March 14, 2010

Another Nor'easter

Heavy rain and high winds arrived in the night. No trees fell overnight, that we noticed. The roadside ditch in front of our house is full of water, nearly overflowing into the yard. The second Nor'easter in two weeks is sweeping up the coast, bringing lots of rain. Tomorrow is a new moon. Strong winds will make an already high, high tide, even higher. The storm is expected to move off-shore tomorrow.

Darkness lingered this morning, as we set the clocks forward for "daylight savings." For those of us that like mornings, this is always a setback. Aria prefers her morning walks during daylight too. Her aging eyes no longer see well in the dark. She would prefer to sleep in on these dreary March days.

Yesterday we took Aria to a small park along the Exeter River. She does not especially like to walk in the rain, but she loves water. As soon as she smells water she starts to run. She greets the water with a big smile.

The rain is with us all day. A day then, to finish the taxes, read, and make soup. Later today when it is 6:00 it will really be 5:00 or vice-versa. It always takes a few days for my body to sort this out.

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