Saturday, February 6, 2016

Winter Returns

On Thursday afternoon my mom and I sat outside enjoying the unusually warm winter temperature of nearly 60 F. Of note, also, was the lack of snow in the yard.
What a difference a day makes. We were expecting a bit of snow Friday morning, about 3-5 inches forecasted for our area. But the snow kept falling all day and by late afternoon we had 10 inches.
The clouds cleared as we shoveled and snowplowed the fresh snow, creating a lovely winter scene. The setting sun lit the snow-covered tree tops.
Winter is back -- whoopee!!


  1. Ellen, I'm truly happy for you that wintery weather in the form of significant snow has returned to your area.

    As you might already know, we weren't as fortunate a bit further north in the Bethlehem area of NH. We only received about an inch of snow from that weather system.

    Regardless, I enjoy your blog postings, regardless of what the weather might be.


  2. Hi John, Spirits are definitely running higher here with more snow! And looks like more on the way today, but then bitter temps later in the week. The snowshoes are finally being put to use this winter. Thanks for checking in at Spicebush Log. Ellen