Sunday, April 19, 2015

Spring Sightings

Apologies to my friend JoAnne for the blog title photo of a garter snake. She's not keen on snakes, but I always enjoy my first snake sighting of the spring. This one was catching a patch of sun in a woodland that we visit often.

The vernal pools are full of quacking wood frogs. We noted a few roadkill spring peepers on our early morning walk today with Kodi and Henna on Bald Hill Road. Otherwise we haven't yet noted a huge amphibian movement in southeastern New Hampshire. Tomorrow night promises to bring some major movements given predictions of heavy rain and temps in the 40s. It will be a good night to stay off the roads to avoid running over frogs and salamanders. Better yet, head out on foot with a flashlight and help as many as possible across roads.

We spent much of the weekend stacking two cords of red oak, pausing now and then to watch a pair of broad-winged hawks soar overhead, and to absorb the beautiful sunshine.

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