Tuesday, June 10, 2014

June Garden Update

The gardens were slow to get underway this spring (or maybe I was slow to get going), but now--with the recent mix of rain and sun--are looking rather stellar, if I do say so.
This year I opted for straw instead of black plastic as a mulch for the tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, squash, and cukes. I think it looks nicer, will decompose in the garden, holds in moisture and prevents splash back.
The red Norland potatoes are already a foot tall and lush. I visit them every morning to squash cucumber and tortoise beetles. Spiders seem to love the plants. I like to think they are tending the plants, catching nefarious small insects.
The okra, green beans, and pole beans have popped out of the ground, after planting just a week ago. It was worth waiting until early June to plant these warm weather crops (May was just too cold).
This morning I harvested cilantro (and made a batch of pesto), spinach (second harvest), and speckled lettuce.
After I planted 16 tomato plants in late May, a chipmunk chewed off three. I set a live trap baited with peanut butter and apple and have not seen it since. Maybe just setting the trap worked. Now I await potato beetles and to see if deer jump the vegetable garden fence. Otherwise the only slow going plants are the annuals--flowers and herbs. They need more sun, less rain.

Srini re-built the garden gate and it swings nicely now.

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