Friday, June 13, 2014

A Big Green Frog

It rained today, hard at times, as predicted. And the temperature was only in the low 60s. Maybe a day only a frog could enjoy. I found a huge female green frog in our yard this afternoon. And she was plump.
I'm thinking, maybe hopeful, that her belly was full of mosquitoes from our yard. They were thick today, loving this damp day too.
A few clues tell me that she is a female green frog: the tympanum ("the ear") is about the same size as the eye (in males it is much larger than the eye). Males have a yellow throat which this one does not. And it is a green frog with a ridge down each side of its back; bullfrogs do not have these ridges.

Color is not a reliable feature for identification, but this one was a beautiful lime green, freshly washed in the rain.

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