Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Leftover Leaves and Spring Songs

Last year's white oak leaves still hang on the tree, while new life thaws, stirs, and emerges from a seemingly extra long winter.
A male turkey strutted in our neighbor's yard this morning, courting two females (although they paid no attention to him) and warning other males to stay clear of his small harem. His head and neck were bright red and blue with various fleshy protrusions known as a snood, caruncles, and a dewlap. Earlier, at dawn, we heard multiple turkeys gobbling; this male clearly won over at least two females, with his colorful snood, puffed up body, and large, fanned tail.

Yesterday morning we head the first phoebe of the year; any day now one will return to our yard. This morning (when the sun was still out and it felt like another nice day--turned raw by midday) I heard several brown creepers, one of the sweetest songs of early spring. This tiny brown and white bird creeps up tree trunks in search of insects, spiraling around the tree as it climbs.

Every day now for a spell offers some new spring gift--peenting woodcock, first phoebe, singing creepers, gobbling turkeys--all sweeter than Easter candy. What is my next spring sighting...can't wait.

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