Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A Bounding Otter

Our favorite go-to place with the dogs this winter is the Piscassic River Wildlife Management Area, not far from our house. The snow-covered trails are usually packed down by snow machines so that we can easily walk or run and pause to look at animal tracks.

Each time we visit we see new sign. Deer tracks are always the most common sighting. Usually a red squirrel gets chased up a tree. The land is a mix of hemlock forest, field, and a complex of large wetlands. On Sunday we were treated to the track of a bounding river otter. This otter seemed to be on a mission as the trail was straight and purposeful. Maybe it was looking for some open water--there was none as far we could tell--so that it could catch a dinner of fish or crayfish or other aquatic morsel.
In the next photo you can see where the otter placed its feet.

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