Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A Thaw

Four days in a row with daytime temps above 40F. Snow has melted and left bare patches on the snowmobile trails through the woods. Even more bare ground today as a result of a steady, warmish rain. Snowmobiling is likely done in our region until we get another fresh snow. But the melting snow and rain and fog and damp air does not deter our walkabouts. Henna races down the trails (pulling me) regardless of what is underfoot or in the air. Kodi and Henna also find a lot more tasty things in the soft snow. Things that I wish they would not eat.

Yesterday we were intrigued by the geometric shapes of ice crystals created where a wetland was melting around its edges.
Today, after more melting, there were other strange patterns. I took the following picture to capture the raindrops on water and the ice bubbles and the yellow tint. When I got home and looked at the photo, I thought a cowboy with boot spurs had jumped in front of the camera. Alas it was the shadow of a red maple, reflected in the water.
Fog is settling in this afternoon, darkness will come early. I'm enjoying this January Thaw, including the gray and the fog and the rain. I see many more textures and patterns in this kind of weather. Besides, it will get cold again. As the week goes on temperatures are going to creep slowly back down toward freezing. 

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