Friday, December 27, 2013

Winter's Beauty

As recently as this morning I was still debating in my mind why live here in the wintry temperate zone versus the much warmer tropics. We drove home from Vermont yesterday in the midst of a modest snowstorm; a few accidents (none that involved us) and slippery roads slowed our progress. This morning we had another four inches of fresh powder to clear from the driveway. It took a long time for the wood stove to warm up the house this morning. Before taking the dogs for a walk, we spent time putting on layers of winter clothing, boots, hat, gloves.

Whereas, on Havelock Island (my most recent favorite place), we rolled out of bed at sunrise and strolled down to the beach in flip flops.

To shake myself out of the snow versus sand debate, I took Kodi and Henna for a walk in the fresh snow. Under blue sky, warm sun, but crisp air, I was reminded of winter's beauty, and the draw of New England's seasonal changes.

The dogs and I both took note of the mammal tracks crisscrossing our path: deer, snowshoe hare, fox, coyote, fisher. The dogs could smell and I could see the animal movements--whether they were in a hurry or moving slowly, who was following who, and where they most like to hang out. The snowshoe hares never ventured far from low hanging pine and hemlock boughs.

Clouds of powdery snow drifted off overhead limbs as a gentle breeze nudged the trees. Ice crystals glittered underfoot as the bright sun reflected off tiny snowflakes.

Back at the house I cheerfully filled the wood box, while Kodi and Henna frolicked in the snow. The winter wonderland (in reality and in my mind) has arrived. Although, I am still reluctant to change my blog header photo.....

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