Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Fruit and Vegetable Vendors

We walked down the road to visit one of Srini's cousins and to buy a few fruits and vegetables. It is still light here until after 5:30 pm. That in itself is a treat. The fruit and vegetable vendors park along the sidewalks or sit at the street corners. Here are a few pictures from our walkabout.
We leave early tomorrow morning for the Andaman Islands, remote islands in the Bay of Bengal. We'll be offline until Monday--look for my next post then.


  1. Hey Ellen,
    Thanks so much for sharing some of the details of your visit with your in-laws! I've been looking forward to your posts and pictures of your stay! enjoy the rest of your visit and I am looking forward to more pictures when you return!

  2. Hey Ellen, I'm very much enjoying being an armchair tourist. You seem to be capturing the sights and sounds very well.

  3. Hi JoAnne, glad you are enjoying. We are having a good time. I will try get pics of street dogs. Ellen

  4. Thanks Ken. Not much birding yet, but hope to report on sightings in the Andamans