Monday, December 2, 2013

Arrived in India

I landed in Bangalore, India this morning before dawn after a long travel time via British Airways from Boston to London (6 hrs), a 5 hour layover, and then London to Bangalore (10 hrs). I survived sitting in "cattle class" on the 10 hour flight, despite being packed into a cramped seat, my seat mate snoring, the seat back in front of me tilted all the way back, and a few toddlers bawling (I don't blame them) during take-off and landing.

The road from the Bengaluru International Airport into the city is under construction. This means the existing travel way is filled with potholes and uneven pavement, piles of rubble alongside the road, and autos of all sorts weave in and out to get where they are going, with the help of their car horn.

The sky is overcast today, likely a combination of clouds and smog. The first things I notice on the drive from the airport: street dogs at every corner, bad roads, auto rickshaws--the essential 3-wheeled transport, liberal use of car horns, black or pariah kites--a common bird of prey--lifting off from buildings to scavenge for food, lots of trash-everywhere, people on the move early--many on foot, although a growing number in vehicles.

Srini and I are here visiting his parents. Once we reach their flat, everything again feels familiar, as we've been here several times before. I am welcomed with Amma's (my mother-in-law) coffee decoction, cereal with tiny,sweet bananas and pomegranate seeds, followed by a midday meal of chappatis, dal, vegetable subji, and homemade yogurt with a sour edge.
Amma cooking up lunch of chappatis and subji
Fresh pomegranates from a neighborhood market
The pomegranate is native to northern Indian and there are mapped pomegranate growing states in India. My niece Lia will be jealous of my access to these fresh, local fruits.
Pomegranate Producing States Map
When I left home it was cold and windy. I am enjoying the more tropical temperatures here, a quite pleasant high 70sF. Now to avoid napping; I am off my natural sleep/wake pattern as it is 10.5 hours ahead of home time.


  1. Very, very interesting! Thanks so much for sharing this. Will be looking forward to other reports about your visit.


  2. Thanks John. India is such a unique and diverse country that it is hard to capture all the sights, sounds, and smells that you experience every minute of the day. It is as far from a remote trail in the White Mountains that you can get on this planet! I'll keep posting.