Sunday, October 20, 2013

At the Beach

From October 1st to May 14th each year, non-residents have parking access to Seapoint and Crescent Beaches in Kittery, Maine. This is when we visit with our dogs; it is a popular beach for people with dogs. Today--a warm, clear blue-sky day--was Henna's first visit to a coastal beach since we adopted her last April 13th. She seemed intrigued by the smells and textures of seaweed and snails and other flotsam and jetsam on the beach. Kodi tried to engage her in play a few times, but she mostly wanted to comb the beach instead.

I tried to capture the sounds and textures of the beach
as the tidal waves rushed in and out across sand and stone.
On the walk back along the top of the steep pebbled beach, Kodi kept pace with Henna and Kodi eventually settled in to chew on a piece of driftwood.

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