Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Good Rain

We got a good rain today. We needed it after a week of beastly hot weather. This despite all the rain -- too much rain -- that we got in June and July. During a lull in the rain this afternoon I took some photos of our gardens as it all looked so lush and nice.

A blue hydrangea -- that does not flower every year -- with blue and pink flowers
A hollyhock bud covered in rainwater droplets
Black-eyed Susans
Bumblebee on coneflower
A red bee balm among the daisies
Pink mallow - every year these come up in the perennial garden wherever they please
An adult spring peeper - my second peeper sighting in our yard in less than a week -- was perched on a goldenrod stalk. I barely noticed the tiny frog as I walked by, so well-camoflaged it was, looking like a bit of dead leaf.
Two peepers in the yard. The little one on the left was about 1/2 inch in length- likely a young of the year. It hunkered down, perhaps thinking it blended into the raspberry leaf. The peeper on the right I saw today. It was nearly an inch in length, darker in color, and more alert to my presence. It is so unusual to actually see these tiny frogs, that seeing two in one week in my backyard was a treat.
It was a good rain.

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