Monday, April 1, 2013

Spring Greens

It rained last night. This marked the transition from a snowy March to what I hope is a more spring-like April. The rain and warmer temperatures of late have caused the snow to disappear before our eyes. The garden is finally clear of snow and I was able to lift the row cover from the greens that I planted last October.
I direct seeded arugula and cilantro and planted small seedlings of spinach, Swiss chard, and beets that I got from my farmer friend Renee at New Roots Farm. The plants did not do much from November on. Just in a holding pattern until now, when I expect them to put on a growth spurt when the sun shines.

The spinach looks awesome; the first picking will be ready this week. The Swiss chard is sending up new shoots. The beets look spindly, but I see some signs of re-birth. The arugula and cilantro are about an inch tall and looking a little pale, but they will improve.
I am quite satisfied with my first experiment with a fall planting protected during winter by the row cover (Reemay). The garden is still too damp to work, so having these shoots already in the ground is a big head start and will provide an early spring harvest.

I will let you know how the spinach tastes and provide photo updates as spring advances and my experiment continues.

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