Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Arugula and More Spinach

I lifted the Reemay off the low hoops to have a good look at the greens growing beneath. There was more spinach to harvest, which we enjoyed in a fresh salad for dinner. I clipped a couple handfuls of arugula for sandwiches the rest of the week. The cilantro and Swiss Chard are lush, but still too small to harvest. I watered the plants, since we've been light on rainfall lately. I also gave the newly planted peas a watering.

Arugula: planted seed last fall in October, first harvest was today.
Lush-looking cilantro, planted from seed last October
The bed of cilantro and arugula, protected all winter by the thin fabric of Reemay
The Swiss chard--planted as small seedlings last fall--
is sending up new, fresh stems; spinach in front, chard behind

A daily dose of gardening makes my day.


  1. Looks great Ellen. I'm so used to making small cold frames and such in our small urban yard that I forget how large hoops and remay can get when you have some room and land. That looks like a substantial collection of vegetables off to a very early start! And those chard completely dwarf the tiny little seedlings I transplanted into our garden yesterday.

    I think only those who garden know how exciting it is to see these first signs of life in early spring.

  2. Hi Ken,

    Yes, I am completely thrilled with these spring greens. I've never been able to grow spinach, as it gets too hot when I plant it from seed in spring. But this -- this is gourmet :-)

    Thanks for sharing your excitement!