Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Sky Creatures

Yesterday afternoon, around about 3:45, Kodi sat on top of the snow in our yard chewing on a bone. It was part of a deer leg that he found in the woods behind, a few days ago. Such findings are always big events. Our lab, Fargo, from years ago would prance around for awhile to show off any wild bone that he found. Kodi, on the other hand, dashed back to the yard and set about gnawing on the deer bone. He cracked the bone to get to the soft marrow (like suet) inside, eating bits of bone along the way.

While Kodi was engrossed with his bone, I looked up at the blue sky and watched a parade of high wispy cirrus clouds float by from west to east. I could see a porcupine and a horse, and a large creature with feathery arms and legs that morphed into a two-headed creature. What do you see?

A creature with wispy limbs and a billowing robe
morphed into a two-headed being.
The upside-down horse
and the mare's tail
An upside-down porcupine
Today the sky is a solid milky-gray paste, not a sky creature in sight. I'm ready to catch the next cloud-gazing day with blue sky and high wispy cirrus clouds. Kodi is looking for his next winter bone.


  1. Ellen, it's reassuring to know that there are others who also enjoy watching cloud formations and coming up with whimsical ideas as what their shape resembles. I wonder if there is a term for this? Somehow "personification" doesn't quite seem to apply, but without giving it a lot of thought, it's the closest I can come! :-)


  2. Hi John, Thanks for stopping by the blog and noting the clouds. Just being outside and looking up at a blue sky with wispy clouds is a joy. The cloud creatures were an extra bonus :)

    It's great to have the open spaces and clear skies to see and capture such beautiful fleeting scenes, such as your alpenglow.


  3. Hi Ellen. In the Jan 8 issue of the Globe's G section there was a stunning piece on clouds and a mission set to build a habit of 'looking up'and appreciating the show it was written by Jan Brogan. I believe you, of all people, would enjoy the article. I just love your blog.
    Cindy. Hampton

  4. Hi Cindy,

    Thanks for the kind note and your reference to the cloud article in the Globe. I looked up and read the piece and checked out For Spacious Skies. Great info there.

    Happy Sky Watching, Ellen