Friday, December 28, 2012

Full Moon, Fresh Snow

Kodi barked in the middle of the night, from his perch on the living room chair. From there he can look out the window into the front yard. The full moon, combined with a blanket of new snow, lit up the yard. I snuck downstairs to see what Kodi was excited about. Maybe he saw deer or a fox, or maybe just the neighbor's Christmas lights. If I was not so sleepy at the time, it would have been a great time to strap on snowshoes for a middle of the night hike. Alas, I went back to bed and Kodi snuggled back into his chair.
Nearly ten inches of snow fell yesterday. We were expecting less snow and more rain, but we got mostly snow. Yeah! Finally it feels like winter, after a very warm start to the season last Friday on the Solstice, when it reached 50 degrees with strong winds and heavy rain.

It looks like a good stretch of winter weather through New Year's day: some light snow, some sun, and temperatures at or below freezing. Kodi and I will head out today for a snowshoe hike, in search of animal tracks. The conditions should be ideal.

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