Saturday, June 30, 2012

June End

The kingbird and the phoebe perch atop the bean poles,
then sally out to catch a fly.
Hummingbirds dance among the red bee balm, while
bees crowd around the lavender.
A deer browsed the garden night before last, 
snipping off the tops of all the sunflowers.
One doe jumped the fence,
snacking on some tomato tops and chard leaves.
The robins fledged; the fuzzy-headed phoebe young
are still in their nest tucked beneath the canoe.

Garden salads and sugar snap peas are staples at our table.
Kale and chard, onions and garlic, cilantro and parsley
fresh from the garden adorn our plates as well.
Meanwhile, we wait for eggplants and peppers,
tomatoes and potatoes, 
and the lovely okra
to grow under the summer sun.
The peaches are swelling, the chipmunks are fewer.

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