Friday, May 25, 2012

Phoebes Fledged

The phoebe nest is empty. I am hopeful that the three young fledged successfully a few days ago. They were bulging out of the nest the last time I peeked at their nest under the deck. The robins are clucking loudly in the yard and chasing chipmunks, protecting their young as best they can.

Warm rain fell for a fourth week in a row, mostly Tuesday to Thursday. The perennials are lush, the still tiny peaches look healthy so far, and the peas are reaching high up the pea fence. I made cilantro-arugula pesto last night from our own plantings. This week we made a delicious asparagus frittata and incorporated spinach into several dishes with fresh ingredients from my farmer friends Renee and Kate. The flavor and texture of these fresh vegetables is welcome after months of winter tubers and store-bought foods.

Our vegetable garden expansion is nearly complete. After slogging away at turning over lawn a shovelful at a time, our neighbor kindly brought over his cultivator and finished the work. Yesterday we added about 10 wheelbarrows of our own compost. We are laying in irrigation tape for the first time this year, a hedge against droughty conditions.

I've seen few insect pollinators during the recent rainy periods, although the warm air temperatures has brought out some to the yard. Yesterday a tiger swallowtail flitted among the flowers and a hummingbird clearwing hovered among the bleeding heart. My camera is on the blink so here is a picture of a clearwing from a few years ago. Such a beautiful moth.
This is one of the most beautiful times of year in New England. Enjoy.

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