Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Low, Low Tide

When the temperature nearly tops 60F, the sky is blue, and the full moon is rising, the low, low tide is just right for a late afternoon visit to Seapoint Beach in Kittery, Maine--a dog friendly beach in winter. Srini arrived home early from work, Kodi gave him a big smile, and we headed out. Kodi whined a bit in his car crate, wondering why we were driving so far for an outing. Once there, though, he was thrilled.

He ran and twirled and generally entertained himself and other dogs on the long, low slung beach. At times he waited for other dogs to make their move or looked out across the clear blue ocean.

We arrived at about dead low tide, when it was minus 0.6 feet (below sea level). The previous high tides had brought in tremendous amounts of seaweed and the ecosystem of life tangled up with it. What wonderful garden compost it would make.
A flock of surf scoters floated off-shore along with a lone horned grebe in winter plumage. The sea snails were making tracks in the wet sand.
The tides create beautiful patterns on the beach that vary depending on the slope of the beach and the energy of the incoming tide.
The visibility was crystal clear across the ocean toward the Isles of Shoals and a merchant ship sailing south.
No trip to Seapoint Beach would be complete without a stop at our favorite bakery: the Beach Pea Baking Co. on Route 1 in Kittery. It was near closing time so all the day's bread was gone. Instead we opted for a small passion fruit cheesecake. Oh well, sacrifices must be made.


  1. Oh! I love, love, love those close-up shots of the patterns in the sand! There is so much beauty in nature, and oftentimes we need look no further than what is below us at our feet!


  2. Thanks John! I especially love the dendritic pattern that looks like a bare tree. It is all beautiful though. I usually let Srini keep an eye on Kodi while I explore the beach. And there was a lot of it yesterday, given the low, low tide. Ellen