Friday, January 27, 2012

Snow turns to Slush

The dreary winter of 2012 has returned. The soft, white snow of last weekend has given way to rain and slush. All week as daytime temperatures rose into the 40s, the snow melted away inch by inch, and there wasn't much to begin with. Snow-packed trails turned into ice-covered slippery lanes. Even the dogs were having trouble, skating past each other when they tried to meet up.

This morning the driveway was covered in two inches of slushy snow. Light snow during the night changed over to rain, which will continue into the afternoon. Rain-drenched goldfinches continue to dominate the bird feeders. A red squirrel hangs out below them, taking advantage of their sloppy eating style.

The week ahead looks to be above normal--mostly sunny and in the 40s. At this point in the season I'd like all the snow to melt and then have a fresh start in February. Though, the Farmer's Almanac predicts unsettled weather ahead with more wet snow in store.

One goldfinch is sporting bright new yellow feathers on its back--a sunny spot on an otherwise gray, gloomy day.

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