Sunday, January 22, 2012

Patterns in Snow

We are enjoying a few fine days of winter, before freezing rain and rain tomorrow disturb the tranquility and beauty of the fresh snow. Yesterday Kodi and I walked a woodland trail at my parents Winterberry Farm during the snowstorm that left 5 inches of soft snow. Kodi with tail down followed a coyote track; he is nervous in coyote country.

This morning Kodi and I hiked a favorite nearby trail, a woodland trail that leads to the top of Rattlesnake Knob and away from where coyotes roam, a place that I've written about before. Kodi and I both took note of the patterns in the snow. He noted a fox track and the network of porcupine trails that likely led to a den in the rock outcrops on the slopes of Rattlesnake Knob. I noted the many woodland mice that left their dainty tracks at the base of trees and around fallen logs.

A porcupine trail

The wind that sweeps across the ridge that ends at Rattlesnake Knob left artistic patterns in the snow. A morning after a fresh snow is a precious time to be in the woods.


  1. Ellen . . . thank you for sharing your "patterns in the snow" images, and your thoughts about them.

    That porcupine track is quite interesting. I've seen other tracks that porcupines have left in the snow, but this one is particularly picturesque!

    Not looking forward to the rain that is being forecasted. I'm starting to lose hope for any significant snowfall for this Winter of 2011-2012, a.k.a. our "Winter of Discontent".


  2. Hi John -- Thanks for the note. I could wander around all day in the woods on a sunny day after a fresh snow. There is so much to see compared to the non-snow season, the latter, unfortunately seems to be getting longer. Ellen