Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Our Country

I rarely delve into politics on this blog. Last February I made an exception and recognized the courage of the Egyptian people to take back their country. Their struggle continues as the powerful try to re-take control of people's lives in that country.

Today seems appropriate for another diversion into politics or perhaps it is just life. Today I celebrate the courage, enthusiasm, and creativity of the Occupy Wall Street crowds springing up around the country. This morning on NPR we learned that the D.C. group is forming a winterizing committee (as they intend to stay as the weather turns cold). How great is that!

I recall that most everyone celebrated the Egyptian people when they took to the streets for peaceful protests. Yet, when Americans do it here, they are quickly condemned. Sounds like the powerful here are a little scared of the people. They should be. Things aren't working, and mostly because of bad decisions by decision-makers over the past 30 years.

My friend Carl has re-connected me with the wise words of Aldo Leopold, a conservationist, forester, author, and more, who died too young way back in 1948. Leopold wrote that "there were two things that interested me: the relationship of people to each other and the relationship of people to the land." To me this is what the protests are about -- how "we" treat each other and how "we" care about the land. As a country, we seem to be failing on both fronts. Leopold must have had a positive outlook on life as he lived and worked during an equally difficult time. With Leopold's wisdom in hand, I will remain optimistic as I pursue my own path connecting people to the land.

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