Friday, June 17, 2011

A Morning Harvest

Yesterday was a good growing day for the garden - hot and sunny. My favorite time of day is early morning, especially when the sun is just rising. It's the best time to walk down the rows of our vegetable garden to see how the plants fared overnight. With the recent rains and the warmth of yesterday, the plants put on a burst of growth and the garden pests seem to be in check.

Harvesting vegetables from my own garden makes my day. This morning I plucked three bright red radishes and two scallions, and gathered big handfuls of kale and Swiss chard. Now that's local food.


  1. "Harvesting vegetables from my own garden makes my day."

    Exactly my thoughts Ellen as we had our first dandelion greens (cultivated) for supper the other night. They tasted great but there's always that added pleasure of knowing that they came from our own garden.

    It's something that's hard to explain to anyone who's never grown at least some of their own food.

  2. The broccoli have tiny heads and the peas have small pods. In addition to picking fresh produce from our garden for supper, checking the garden each day to see what's coming on is also great fun.